- No real women and the photos are all fake, from foreign countries, although they say they are from Braga or Faro (if you want to meet Jennifer Anniston, JLo or Susan Sharadon it is easy, they are there (% # $% &) ). This shows that no one does a shit for profile validation.
- All of them - ALL - have a symbol on the profile with a heart indicating "Physical contact not available", this information is in the contractual conditions to say in other words that the site is "ONLY" for entertainment, and that the company can create (fake) profiles to boost traffic (!!!) - being a fun way to try to get rid of legal responsibilities.
- The initial contact messages from ladies are almost all with the same layout, even some with the same texts with "Copy Paste" and ALL end with a question theme, ended with a question mark for the asshole/muggle to answer next
- Messages too "pulled" for hardcore, to capture the attention of men, BUT totally unrealistic for normal people, nobody on a normal website on presentation page puts this type of communication
- Same for photos, stolen from the Net or purchased in specialty Net DB, some too hard for a girl or traditional lady
- In the photos, the usual photoshop treatment, especially in the 18-30 year old age range, of effects to create the illusion of being models - MEN HATE THAT and those who run the site don't even care about this
- The lack of indexing to go back to the same point in a list after going to the details is totally incomprehensible nowadays, it seems that those who programmed it NOT tested it, always go back to the beginning of page 1 in messages is crazy, if you have +200 messages per day (yep, I had and dont ask me why !!!), you will have to do thousands of scrolls without need, which is a serious issue and a big mistake for those who charge such high values
- Because of the ergonomics problem above, you can take 4 or 5 hours to read all the messages of the day, when it could be done in 15 minutes, totally useless like this
- In conversations, they aggressively enter to invite to meetings or sex, but in the responses they insist on not leaving the site and to begining infinite chat talk with endless and unnecessary messages - here comes the fraud, one more
- Have the worst search engine I know on these types of sites, too big sizes zones - just by districts (useless), and 3 or 4 standard base personal features (hair, body, color and type of relationship)
- Only for Portugal, at least in the link tested by me
- Just another elegant with weel chosen colors in website, but totally inoperable, and with ZERO ergonomics, as explained above
- HIPER EXPANSIVE subscription (+ - 1 € per message is crazy)
- In payments, keep the same extortion methods in monthly fees that almost all competitors - pay the first amount (even trial period) and then never get rid of them, it is always to withdraw, if it is by Visa / MC

In short, unfortunately for everyone, this is another fraud, a well done scam, and I DO NOT recommend anyone to enter into this in a pay mode. It is really worth paying a lot to talk to dolls (or to the fat bearded man sweating on the other side of the company), or chat bots, thinking that you are talking to beautiful and interesting women.

Every day new dating sites appear, there are already thousands of them, born like mushrooms, they even replicate them from each other, but thanks to this type of review sites, and their dissemination, the trend is that one day all these scammers will go bankrupt and disappear into jail. We hope !!!

Some very interesting photos

ALL, unless you like to send money out. If I like that I prefer to go to casino, at least have some fun and we also know that we are being robbed anyway.

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E verdade tudo o que escreveu.deviam estar presos e fecharem de una vez este site é outros iguais a que está empresa tem

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